We partner with organizations that supports the building of entrepreneurial acumen around the world. Innovation is enhanced by curiosity and we want to harness it from around the world. Incubators, Accelerators, Programs and Initiatives that support specific verticals or created capacity, or mentor great ideas – are welcome to become a partner. We will be happy to welcome you to our worldwide family and to link you into the network. Our partners add to the value of the network and help bring talent under the spotlight, increasing the chances of success of the ventures.


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We will not, usually, communicate status or queries about submitted proposals, except for the automatic responses sent out by our systems. We, unfortunately, will not be able to accept any terms or enter into any kind of agreements of non disclosure or confidentiality. Please only submit information and detail that you are comfortable in sharing without any liability to us. We will have our standard terms of guarding confidential information and moral code of conduct governing our interaction enforced once we confirm that in writing to you formally, in case of subsequent interactions.